Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day Cupcakes

I have to share one more photo with you from my real life. My husband, Rannie, is an avid golfer. Usually on Saturdays and Sundays he is out with his buddies getting his serving of "greens." I love it 'cause I am usually in my studio or on adventures with Cody, the wonderdog.

Anyway, our anniversary and Father's Day fell on the same weekend so, I decided to make Rannie some cupcakes. I kinda went overboard with the creativity because 18 cupcakes became 18 holes of golf. I used green frosting for the greens, graham cracker crumbs for the sand traps, tinted some frosting blue for water features, and used green sugar for the "rough."

Now, I am not Martha Stewart, but I have to say they were fun. I even tried to make some of them really hard 5 pars and I used toothpicks with cardstock triangles for flags. Add a sign "Ransoneville Public Golf Course" and my project was complete.

Rannie really had fun with the treats! He even told some of his buddies that had played through 12 but the last 6 were killer.

Here is a picture of Rannie with the "course." Hope you have fun this weekend!


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