Monday, March 2, 2009


I know that most of the U. S. (I mean that is used to the stuff) got a lot of it this winter. I have been complaining that we never get the big snows that we used to have here when I was a kid.

We'd get 10 inches easy that would close school for a week! It was a fun time of sledding, making snow cream, snow angels, and snow men. It was also usually time when the local pond froze over and we could ice skate and warm up by the bonfire. Truly a child's memory.

Well, I can stop complaining because on March 1, 2009 here in the eastern part of Virginia, we got at least 6 inches. The only problem with snow here is that ice usually comes along with it, downing power lines and taking out phone and cable services. However, during our last big re-do of our 105+ year-old Albatross, I mean home, we installed gas logs. So when the power went off at 10 p.m. last night, I was ready.

Dear husband Rannie had already bundled up and gone out to help move snow for VDOT. He was not happy. We have differing views on lots of things.

It was nice and cozy infront of the fire. Both cats were like round lumps of fur warming themselves near the grate. BUT, Cody, the wonderdog, was cowering under the covers in our bed. Why? He is scared to death of the fire! That is another long blog entry.
The cold did not stop me from snapping a few photos on the way to work. Here is one from my back door. All of them are fuzzy and white but hey, it was snowing!

Hope you are warm, safe, and dry!


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