Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scrappin' Happenin'

Saturday I had the honor of participating as a vendor for the 2nd Rice's Hotel, Hughlett's Tavern Scrappin' Happenin'! My friend Susan again asked me to help these wonderful ladies with their fund-raiser and I was happy to help. RHHT is a historic location in Heathsville, Virginia and was an Inn and Tavern in the late 1700's. Volunteers have labored long and hard to bring this group of buildings back to life and are MANIC fundraisers. They also have lots of FUN while working hard! If you are interested, here is the link to their website... http://www.rhhtfoundation.org/ .
So, approx. 40 ladies gathered for a 12 hr crop and here are a couple of photos of the event...They all had lots of fun and did lots of pages. Most did my St. Patty's Day make-n-take and Vickie was the lucky winner of my doorprize.

Amongst other news, the redo of my studio is at a halt for a time. The sad thing is that I get going on sorting and tossing and then I have an event. I have to mess everything up to plan for the event and it takes me a couple of days to get back where I was before the interruption! Two steps forward...etc. I hope to work on it again this weekend.

One of my good friends, Lizzy, is also redoing her studio so I am eagerly waiting for the finalized photos. Lizzy and Betsy, my best scrappin' pals, are VERY organized; they are neat scrappers and when we get together, it is obvious that I am their complete opposite. I am lucky if I do not have an AVALANCHE of stuff at least once falling off of my table. They are good role models but I am afraid this old dog is hard to change. Maybe I will have some pics to share when we both are done.

Have a great week and if you don't have time to scrap...make some memories!


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