Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there. I have had lots of "Moms" in my life but the ones that truly matter right now are Anne and Margaret. My mom, Anne McClintock, is an incredible woman. I joke about "hearing my mother's words coming out of my mouth" but I know my innate sense of right and wrong, wearing black pants to cover a multitude of sins, and knowing how to navigate a formal dinner party is all from my mother.

Margaret Ransone, my mother-in-law, is my other mom. Margaret was a home economics teacher in the local high school for 31 years and is a model cook and housekeeper. She is a very busy lady and I have grown to love and respect her over the 25 years I have known her. She loves her family fiercely and I can always count on her help if I need it. When Rannie and I met, I was very different from what she and Ralph, Rannie's Dad, had in mind for their youngest son. However, we have grown to understand each other and celebrate our differences as all successful families do.

Since this is a papercrafting site, I thought you would enjoy seeing the cards that I made for each of our Mothers. My focus for the past few months has been cleaning out my studio and making use of what I have. I will be helping a young friend with her wedding "favors" soon and wanted to try my hand at paper flowers. SO, I pulled out several scraps of each color family and got to work with my trusty Cricut. I did enjoy making these cards and for both Mama and Margaret. Anne got the yellow flowers at top and Margaret was the recipient of the red. Both were very appreciative of my time and talents!

I would love to hear your comments. Please take a moment and let me know what you are working on. Soon I will be showing my ideas for Nikki's wedding and a graduation card or two. 'Tis the season!



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